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Meet Your Hosts Of Hollywood Schooled

Steve Burton moved to California from the midwest in 1986 to live with his father and pursue acting. He started his career doing commercials. After studying theater at Beverly Hills High and working with some acting coaches, Steve got his break as surfer boy Chris Fuller on Out of This World in 1987. During a break in shooting of Out of This World, he appeared on Days of Our Lives in 1988 as Harris Michaels, a love interest to Eve Donovan, played by Charlotte Ross. In 1991, he joined the cast of General Hospital as Jason Quartermaine and went on to win a Daytime Emmy as best supporting actor in 1998. In 2007, Burton became an original cast member of General Hospital: Night Shift, while keeping his day job on General Hospital. In 1999, Steve took a break from General Hospital and appeared in Steven Spielberg's science fiction miniseries Taken and co-starred in the Dreamworks movie The Last Castle in 2001 with Robert Redford and James Gandolfini. Burton is also the voice actor of Cloud Strife in the Kingdom Hearts series and numerous Final Fantasy games. He also voiced Cloud in the CGI movie Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children. In 2012, Burton confirmed that he would exit General Hospital in October. January 2013, he joined the cast of The Young and the Restless as Dylan McAvoy and went onto be nominated for 2 more Emmys.

Derk Cheetwood moved to California in 1992 3 months after graduating high School in Bowling Green Ohio. Shortly after arriving in Hollywood, Derk was able to land an agent and start auditioning. Derk has had the chance to study with some of the most sought after acting teachers in the industry. After a few months of auditioning, Derk landed his first job on the Saturday morning serial, Saved By The Bell. After that, the roles continued to come in which include some of T.V.s biggest hits: Beverly Hills 90210, Ally Mcbeal, CSI, Desperate Housewives, General Hospital and many more. In 1997, He was cast in Kevin Costner’s epic “The Postman” where he met his future wife Cari Costner Cheetwood by chance on set.  Derk also found a great amount of success with over 60 national commercials to his credit for some of the biggest brands. Derk's first big break came in 1999 when he starred in Universals World War II $100 million dollar blockbuster U-571 along side Matthew Mcconaughey, Bon Jovi, Harvey Keitel, Bill Paxton and many others. In 2001, Derk teamed up with friend & Director Bill Paxton, to star again with Matthew Mcconaughey & Powers Booth in the acclaimed cult hit “Frailty”. Derk, also has played “Max” on ABC’s long running serial “General Hospital” since 2001 and continues to work on both the big and small screen.

Here's A Sneak Peek!
 Learn The Methods To Get Started From Industry Professionals to Book More Auditions & Land More Roles!
(Below are the 9 Audios You'll Get During This Actor's Coaching Program with MORE being added all the time)
What is a Headshot and why do so many get it WRONG?? A headshot is SUPER important! Casting directors use these photos as a way to see who they might want to hire for work in their next production. YOUR headshot is your first impression!

Follow your DREAMS…But??? What do I tell my mom or dad? What’s my first step? Will this BLUEPRINT help you and inform MOM? YES, YES and YES!
You NEED representation. So, what will a Manager or Agent do for ME?? Do I need both? How do I go about getting one? This chapter will answer these questions and a lot more!!
WARNING!! Don’t be too COOL for SCHOOL!! Don’t get caught up in the HOLLYWOOD SCENE like so many do and get sidetracked from your DREAM. Plan your work and work your plan!
This doesn’t sound really important, but it could save you A LOT OF TIME AND MONEY! This chapter will give you some great options and PEACE OF MIND.
Audition Time! We will walk you through the audition process STEP BY STEP! We’ve had 1,000’s of auditions! Get some great insight and GREAT TIPS!
 GET YOUR MIND RIGHT!! The reality of REJECTION as an actor is REAL. It’s like death and taxes. We all experience it. How to stay POSITIVE and surround yourself with GREATNESS!
 Music to me ears! MOM, I GOT THE JOB!!! Now what? You’ve made it this far! Here, we walk you on the set, give you PRICELESS POINTERS and encourage you to be the PROFESSIONAL YOU’VE BECOME.
Ok, so you've FINALLY set a date to move to L.A. Now how much money should you ideally move with? What kind of job should you hold down while pursuing the DREAM? We cover this and some other GREAT ideas on how to fund your day to day!
BUT WAIT, there's more!
Below we have created some BONUS material containing interviews with producers & casting directors as well as agent lists, guides to living in Hollywood and resources that are going to help you STAY ON TRACK!
Interviews with Hollywood Professionals
Phillip Glasser
Producer & Actor
"Currently Producing Robert De Niro's New Film"
Bradford Anderson
Hollywood Actor
"Currently Working On Several Projects"
Marnie Saitta 
Head Casting Director
"Currently Casting Days Of Our Lives"
Film Director
"Coming Soon"

Top Talent Agent
"Coming Soon"
Top Writer
"Coming Soon" 

The Complete Actors Guide to Agents
Over 400 Sag/Aftra Franchised Agent Listings Complete With Contact Information & All Necessary Information On Nabbing The Talent Agent Of Your Dreams!
Agent Mailing Labels
To Complement Our Complete Agents Guide eBook, Just Download & Print Out These Handy Mailing Labels!
Top 10 L.A. Places To Live
When Relocating To L.A. There Are A Lot Of Things To Consider. Get The Top Cities & Insight On Why Each Location Has It's Own Advantages & Other Valuable Information!
Okay, I'm much does it cost?
I have some good news for you. By taking advantage of all that Hollywood Schooled has to offer, you might expect for this to be unaffordable or that you'd have to pay THOUSANDS of dollars for it. However, if it could cut YEARS off your journey and save you money, heartache and help you get a running start in showbiz, it would be well worth it right?
When we created this course we thought of all the time, money & energy we had spent over the YEARS to obtain this information. Honestly, we couldn't even begin to come up with a number but I can tell you it's in the $100's of thousands to say the least. So in the spirit of once being where you are now we wanted to provide crucial make it or break it insight to all aspects of getting started with real insider information from not only us but a select group of SUCCESSFUL industry professionals. All for less than the cost of one month of professional acting classes or even your first headshots...

Here are just a few nuggets you'll learn about in our *Bonus section 
1. Hear from the casting director that gave Eva Longoria one of her first jobs, and why!
2. Learn how a young man in small town Pennsylvania just got cast opposite Robert De Niro for his new movie!
3. Learn how after just being in L.A. for three months, this actor got his first recurring job on a major network television show.
4. We will continue to add more audios not only from us but SELECT Industry professionals from all corners of show business!
Ok so let's get down to it. Similar and less informative courses are taught all over the country for the weekend price of $997.00 Per person. Of course that's not including plane ticket, gas, hotel, etc.
Still, an amazing deal if you learned tips that took YEARS off your journey right?
How much is a year in college again? Oh right, $15-$50k a YEAR depending on the school...
Trust me there wasn't any professor that could have taught us what the REAL Hollywood was like.... Lucky for you....WE CAN!

You should know that this low price of $97 is only an introductory offer for our launch and will jump up to $597 very soon! That's nearly 75% off!
So don't let this great deal pass you by. We're not sure how long we are going to keep the price at $97. It's taken us over 50 years combined experience to build the skills and relationships that we are sharing with you in this unplugged audio series. Don't be one of those people that puts their dreams off another day. For those of you who take action today we have a very special opportunity on the next page. It's time for you to get schooled.....Hollywood Schooled That Is!

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